The Story

Inspired by the long-lasting Russian Empress, Ekaterina Velika, the story of our grape brandy began when the young woman of the same name, decided to create a premium alcoholic drink that paid homage to the rich history of “rakija”. As a member of the second generation of a family that has their own brandy business, a love for making high-quality brandy was in her genes and the invention of Katerina Velika inevitable.
By combining the skills of the experienced production team and her extensive knowledge of the industry trends, learned from her home in the heart of Austria, we have been able to create a stunning premium brandy that is lovingly handmade in North Macedonia.


Strickly following an original family recipe, this premium grape brandy is expertly crafted from premium ingredients to create a unique, multi-dimensional, and balanced flavor that is imbued with tradition. Using muscat grapes sourced directly from Grozd’s very own vineyards, Katerina Velika delivers anticipated notes which are then perfectly offset by the subtle addition of rosemary and cloves.


Blending modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, Katerina Velika is created through individual wine distillation in order to create a subtly sweet, memorable, muscat-flavored aroma. Katerina Velika is aged carefully in exceptional ambiance with a lot of care. Released in a limited quantity each year, our premium grape brandy is reserved only for the few privileged connoisseurs.

The importance of our roots

Katerina Velika is 100% made of hand-picked, locally sourced muscat grapes coming from our beautiful vineyards located in the southeastern part of North Macedonia. In this region, the continental and Mediterranean climates converge, thus creating grounds for excellent terroir – the key ingredient for creating a premium grape brandy.

Katerina Velika Rakija